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It’s your retirement. So, why not write your own story for getting there?

What do you really want your retirement to look like?

Solving for lifetime income in retirement has far more to do with making educated choices versus timing the market or buying the “next Amazon stock.” It should also be designed specifically for YOU and your objectives, and not a fill-in-the-blank boilerplate template. 

Success starts with choosing the right team that can guide you towards your short- and long-term financial goals.


The Sparkman's

Rick and Sean, together, are able to help the Baby Boomer generation all over the country with their retirement planning. Hand in hand, they can find ways to generate more retirement income and see how to securely protect their money during these turbulent times. Their main goal is to focus on those clients looking to secure themselves and their families for the future. Both Rick and Sean use their extensive knowledge to help clients make the most out of the resources available so that they can retire happily without worry during these volatile and uncertain economic times.

Rick Sparkman

Rick Sparkman, and his wife Kathy, are proud parents of four and grandparents of two. He enjoys spending time together with his family, fishing on their boat, biking, snow skiing, and just plain family time together. He started working at a very young age, first with his grandfather, a hands-on electrician who had started his own business.

Rick does his best to take the mystery out of annuities and retirement planning by answering some of the most commonly asked questions in a simple, personalized way.

Sean Sparkman

Sean Sparkman and his wife, Alyse, are proud parents to two boys. His goal is to educate everyone he talks with, and make financial planning simple, easy to understand and straightforward, the way it should be: “Retirement planning has become more confusing than ever. With the overload of financial news, social media, emails, and phone calls that people receive on a daily basis, it is very hard to know who to listen to and who is right. I work hard to make complicated financial processes easy for my clients to understand.”

Are you ready to take the first step in your customized retirement income planning journey?

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Sean and Rick Sparkman have been helping clients reach their retirement objectives. It all starts with doing what’s right for your family and working towards your unique goals and dreams.

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